woensdag 22 januari 2014

Sweater wishlist January 014

Hey guys,
Lately I've been looking around the internet for cute clothing. I might make a monthly fashion wishlist blog. I know I should blog more often! I'm actually really active on Tumblr, so you can always follow me there.
I get a lot of inspiration of Tumblr, both for my fashion and for my art.
I tried to link all the pieces of clothing to their respective shops, but I couldn't find all of them. If you know them, please do tell me!

Well, why don't we start?

Well, looks like it turned out to be only sweaters. This time it'll be a sweater wishlist and, to be fair, I really only do wish for sweaters. Although I already have many.
I've been thinking about showing you my own style. I just need to have the time to take pictures of myself with good lighting and a decent background. If you have any tips, they are certainly welcome. 
Thank you for looking at my blog today, see you next time!

vrijdag 13 december 2013

Hello everyone!

As I have mentioned previously, I went on a trip to Zambia!
It was the best trip ever. We went to the South Luangwa National park and the lodges we visited were Mfuwe lodge, Kuyenda camp and Billimungwe camp. I have seen all the animals I had never dreamed of seeing, only a few feet away. It was absolutely breathtaking. 
Obviously me and my dad were constantly taking pictures of every moving object, although most of the times it appeared that they were just twigs or leaves. 
I have made a collection of what I think were my best pictures and I'm going to show them to you over a couple of blog posts. 

A large group of elephants had gathered around the watering hole to drink. It was during lunch, so obviously I brought my camera and I was ready for action. In the water, just near the side of the small pond, there was a just the tip of a crocodile's head. We spotted it, but when we saw the elephants moving closer to it, we grabbed our camera's. There was one elephant who stood right next to it and lowered his trunk to drink. 
The crocodile began turning towards the trunk ever so quietly, not making a single wrinkle in the water.
But suddenly, it snapped towards the trunk and held on to it for a brief second, but his grip wasn't good enough so he couldn't hold on. This sudden movement startled the elephants so bad that they ran of without thinking. This shot was made just after the crocodile had let go. 

And they all just took off. In a few seconds they were all gone, just leaving a cloud of dust behind.

Well this was the first of this small series. I'm so glad with these pictures. Just looking at them takes me right back to Zambia.

See you next post!

zaterdag 16 november 2013

Hello everyone,

When I move out after I pass my exams, I need to be thinking of a new apartment. With a new apartment come decoration and I should try to do it in a cheap, but stylish way.
So I decided to do a DIY roundup series on home decoration.
I try to find the nicest and easiest DIY's to make decoration possible for a student like me.
This is the second blog of these series: Interior.
Previous: Walls, floors and stairs.
It's the one thing you notice in a house. I will mainly focus on larger objects, such as chairs or tables.
The smaller details be next.

So let's begin!






I hope you enjoyed looking at what I picked out.
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See you next time!

vrijdag 25 oktober 2013

Travelling update 25/10

So here is a small update on my trip to Zambia.
I will be leaving saturday morning very early. It will be a 10 hour flight so I will probably be doodling, reading and playing pokemon X a lot. 

I was on the boat just about the entire day (14:30 - 21:00) so I didn't do that much. The internet was pretty slow so that was a bummer. 

I'm thinking of writing a travel log for the days that I'm there. I won't be able to upload it until I get home, because I doubt that there will be internet there. 

Anyway, just a small update on my situation. I'll try an do a proper blog post either tomorrow or when I get back!

I'll be seeing you!

zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

Hey guys!

When I move out, after (if) I pass my exams, I obviously need to think about my decorating my new apartment. And I should try to do it in a cheap, but stylish way.
So I decided to do a DIY roundup series on home decoration.
I try to find the nicest and easiest DIY's to make decoration possible for a student like me.
Not all the links lead to a diy, but some are just amazing inspiration!
This is the first blog of these series: Walls & Floors

Walls & Floors are not what you immediately notice in a house, but you can choose whether you want it as a statement piece or as a peaceful background.
Let's have a look!




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See you next time with furniture!