dinsdag 20 november 2012

Hello world!

This Tuesday yet another top 10 from Pinterest and/or Craftgawker!
Well, let's begin!
Apperantly blogger didn't schedual it properly, so here's this post is a little older.


I've been looking for some digital drawing tutorials and I've found some useful ones (see no. 6, too).
This site is full of concept art which is very inspiring as well.


Totoro! Cute!
I want to make this, it's adorable.
I've found myself in a plushie-mood lately.
(Yes I'm 17, so what?)

Look. at. this. cuteness.
I want to crochet it right now! 
You should look through their etsy shop for more patterns and inspiration.

This would look so cute! I love this style, and it's easy to make!
I might make a sweater refashion roundup (you might expect it in the future) 

When I get kids (I'm not planning or anything)
I must make this.
It's more like, when I was young, I would've loved to have had this! 

As said in no. 1, this is another digital drawing pin.
It's full of useful tips on Photoshop editing.


My little sister would love to have this, she is a big fan of shooting.
She has some of these laying around.
This might be a nice Christmas gift!

Paint on tiny canvasses and make them into fridge magnets!

This might be a nice Christmas gift too.

A lovely acorn garland painted in some nice colours, I see a lovely DIY.
I collected a lot of acorns this autumn, so I'm looking out for some more acorn DIY's.


This is a cute cardigan refashion, but I'd just add the lace trim and leave the scarf-like inside.
Or choose a different colours.

I hope you liked my choice of DIY's and that they have been able to inspire you to make some of your own.
Let me hear from you if you have anything to say.
I hope to see you soon in my next blog.

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maandag 12 november 2012

Hello everybody it's tuesday again today (in my country at least)

So it's time for Weekly Pinterest top 10!
Again, I have a wonderful top 10 of things I repinned on pinterest last week.
I hope you enjoy! Click the pictures to see the link.


I love this look! It's a great tutorial on how to make this from two old shirts.
I'd go to a thrift store and thrift some a nice sweater and a nice blouse to make this.
(After I've finished my other projects, I have so many thrifted clothes with which I want to make stuff with.)


Oh my god, this is amazing. I happen to know a junk sale which is open every now and then, they would sale coffee tables like this! This would be perfect if I leave the home to go to college!

This may not be a DIY tutorial, but I like to occasionally post very inspiring pictures.
Like this one for example. Just look at it, it's amazing!
It just looks so do-able. I'd like one for my home, it'd make a great and original pillow.

I was looking for a particular friendship bracelet tutorial, and I found this website.
It's filled with great friendship bracelet tutorials, from beginner to expert!
The tutorials are very good and there are very many of them. Definitely worth a look if you're looking for something nice to make.


I need to buy me some more tights, but since all the nice and patterned tights are about ten euros more expensive, it would be difficult to buy lot's of them. With this tutorial I wouldn't need to worry about that anymore! This is a must-do!


A while ago I made a roundup on how to make a notebook. If this would've existed, I'd absolutely would've included it! It's so pretty!


I have so many small beads, I could make a dosen of these.
This bracelets style is so nice! It would look great in other colours too.


This wall art is very pretty, I could think up a million quotes from sing lyrics to use in this.
With some pretty backgrounds this would be very nice on my wall.

Garlands are pretty, when I leave home to go to collage my new home is going to be full of them.
This is also an easy and nice way to make one.

These necklaces are so nice (and so expensive), so why don't you make your own?
If you have some nice crystals or other stones, this would be a piece of cake.

I hope you enjoyed it.
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maandag 5 november 2012

Hello everybody!
I've started a new weekly blog in which I show you my pinterest and craftgawker findings every week.

Check out this weeks top 10 from pinterest and craftgwaker!
Complete with link to the belonging website.

seriously need to make on of these.My ID is no longer valid, and since it costs 20 euros (and I'm cheap), I just carry my passport around.
Only this doesn't fit in my wallet, so to make this wallet would be handy.
Click the picture to go to the site. 


I seriously love this style of bracelets, very bohemian chic.
I'm definitely going to make one (or five) of these.
Click the picture to go to the site. 


Adorable crochet acorns, perfect for fall decoration.
Although winter seems to be getting closer and closer fall is still here.
Why not make a cute garland of these?
Click the picture to go to the site. 


This amazing dress pattern!
I want it so bad! If I only had some nice fabric and some more time.
I could always use a cute dress like this one.
Click the picture to go to the site. 


When I finish school and start to live on my own, I need to make on of these.
It doesn't seem that difficult too.
Click the picture to go to the site. 


I love shirt pillow, and I have made some myself before.
These design are adorkable though (see what I did there *harhar*)
Click the picture to go to the site. 



Only 5 minutes to make this no-sew lace bow?!
I'd make a ton of these, I've got plenty of lace anyway.
Click the picture to go to the site. 


Cute and simple papercraft dolls, they would make a cute decoration.
And it's a nice activity with kinds too.
There's also a Halloween version! Cute! 

Click the picture to go to the site. 



This one is unfortunately only in English, but chinese. 
But I guess the pictures kind of speak for itself. 
Anyway it's an adorable felted brooch! (if I only know how to felt)
Click the picture to go to the site. 


This could come in handy, it would look great on pillows, shirts and whatnot.
It looks very nice too!
Click the picture to go to the site. 

How did you like it?

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