dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Social media Icons

Hello everyone, I'm trying to make icons for social media. So following me will only be one click away Anyway, I've been looking all over the internet for awesome DIY's I found some awesome ones that I really want to try for myself! I made some shorts a couple of weeks ago too! Oooh I'm excited to do stuff, but I don't have the time :( I'll see you all in the next post (;

zondag 20 mei 2012


Hello everyone, Follow my blog with Bloglovin That's it pretty much. I'm trying to add some buttons on the side so you can easily follow me on various social media. It's quite difficult, but I figured it out (: See you in the next post.

donderdag 17 mei 2012

Things I love: Cameras

I love old cameras.
I find them on flea markets or anywhere.
Two of them were in a case, and it took me quite a while to figure out how to take them out of it.
So all this time I've had these awesome cameras and I didn't even know how epic they where.
I wonder how old they are ( probably not anything special) 

This is my favourite one, it looks very old.

This is another blog about thing I find on flea markets.
Quite a lot of it is junk, but I you look closely you can find the treasures that are hidden.
And buy them for a cheap price 8D

This is another thing I found on a flea market.
I was just in time; there were two of them and one was being sold.
I immediately walked over and bought it. I was so happy!

Flea market: New suitcase

Hello everyone,
This time I'll be talking about some awesome bargains I found on flea-markets.
This time: My new suitcase.

My old suitcase (I had it for years) had been broken recently. 
So I was already kind of looking for a new suitcase.
The moment I saw this, I was sold. 
And so was the suitcase (;
I expected it to be at least 10 euros, but I got it for only 1 euro!

I'm seriously in love with this, it looks so vintage.


Requests are free.

You pretty much get to tell me what to do.
Now doesn't that sound like fun?

If you find anything on the internet (beware of copyright, don't show me something someone else has made, and tell me you want that.)
Something you would like to see in miniature? 
Just send me a note (on DA or on my email: merel.wegman@gmail.com) with reference pictures and I'll take a look if I'd be able to make it!
You can also send me a description with what you'd like me to make.

I take 5 requests at the same time.


Commissions cost money, which can differ depending on size or whether you want jewelry (necklace, pendant, earrings) or just miniature.You can choose exactly how big you want it.
The rules are the same as for requests, send me a picture with whatever you want me to make.
I will have to determine if I can make it, so it's not guaranteed.
On my email: merel.wegman@gmail.com
You can also send me a description with what you'd like me to make.
Now about the pricing:

Tiny: Example: ([link]) or ([link])  Price: €2,- (easy to make, doesn't cost much clay)
Small: Example: ([link]) or ([link]) Price: €3,- (A little bit more difficult, also a little bit more clay)
Medium: Example: ([link]) or ([link]) Price: €4,- (Bigger and need even more clay)

- Pendant: A little ring so you can hang it on a necklace or anything. €0,10 extra
- Earrings: Either hangers or studs. €0,30 extra.
- Ribbon: A little ribbon on the ring. €0,10 extra

I also take only 5 commissions at a time.

Payment will be done through paypal.
I ship internationally. 
The shipping costs will be €5,- for everyone.
(Except in the rare occasion that you live near me and can come to pick it up lol)


Hello everyone,

Since I'm in a need of money, I've decided to open commissions and requests on my polymer clay miniature food and other.

Details will follow in the next post.

Commission poster.
Check out my Deviantart: http://kittty19.deviantart.

maandag 14 mei 2012


I spend quite  a lot of my time on creating cute miniature food from miniature clay.
I absolutely love it.
These are some of the thing I made.
It's really addicting.

I'm also trying to sell some of these. Or at least, commission them.
On Deviantart I have a commission where you can request and something and I'll make it for you.
But  I also uploaded it on my blog  here and here .                                                                                                                                                                                 

Check out my Deviantart: http://kittty19.deviantart.

woensdag 9 mei 2012

Hello and welcome to my blog

I'm new to blogger, or blogging in general.I want to share my love for art with the rest of the world.

I'm a student from Holland.There are some things you should know about my country:
1 It always rains
2 We accept gay marriage (yay!)
3 I love it.

I love crafting, as you may have noticed.
Plushies, polymer jewelry, clothing, DIY I (try to) do it all!

I'm kind of a geek, you may say.
I love games, preferably fantasy, role-playing. 
I don't play that much but I still enjoy it.

I love anime, for example: code geass, death note, tengen toppa gurren lagann, kaichou wa maid-sama.
Currently watching: Naruto, bleach, tengen toppa gurren lagann, acchi kocchi.

Anyway, I'll be posting interesting stuff I find and crafts I make. Or maybe just random stuff.See you later!