donderdag 17 mei 2012


Requests are free.

You pretty much get to tell me what to do.
Now doesn't that sound like fun?

If you find anything on the internet (beware of copyright, don't show me something someone else has made, and tell me you want that.)
Something you would like to see in miniature? 
Just send me a note (on DA or on my email: with reference pictures and I'll take a look if I'd be able to make it!
You can also send me a description with what you'd like me to make.

I take 5 requests at the same time.


Commissions cost money, which can differ depending on size or whether you want jewelry (necklace, pendant, earrings) or just miniature.You can choose exactly how big you want it.
The rules are the same as for requests, send me a picture with whatever you want me to make.
I will have to determine if I can make it, so it's not guaranteed.
On my email:
You can also send me a description with what you'd like me to make.
Now about the pricing:

Tiny: Example: ([link]) or ([link])  Price: €2,- (easy to make, doesn't cost much clay)
Small: Example: ([link]) or ([link]) Price: €3,- (A little bit more difficult, also a little bit more clay)
Medium: Example: ([link]) or ([link]) Price: €4,- (Bigger and need even more clay)

- Pendant: A little ring so you can hang it on a necklace or anything. €0,10 extra
- Earrings: Either hangers or studs. €0,30 extra.
- Ribbon: A little ribbon on the ring. €0,10 extra

I also take only 5 commissions at a time.

Payment will be done through paypal.
I ship internationally. 
The shipping costs will be €5,- for everyone.
(Except in the rare occasion that you live near me and can come to pick it up lol)

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