woensdag 22 januari 2014

Sweater wishlist January 014

Hey guys,
Lately I've been looking around the internet for cute clothing. I might make a monthly fashion wishlist blog. I know I should blog more often! I'm actually really active on Tumblr, so you can always follow me there.
I get a lot of inspiration of Tumblr, both for my fashion and for my art.
I tried to link all the pieces of clothing to their respective shops, but I couldn't find all of them. If you know them, please do tell me!

Well, why don't we start?

Well, looks like it turned out to be only sweaters. This time it'll be a sweater wishlist and, to be fair, I really only do wish for sweaters. Although I already have many.
I've been thinking about showing you my own style. I just need to have the time to take pictures of myself with good lighting and a decent background. If you have any tips, they are certainly welcome. 
Thank you for looking at my blog today, see you next time!

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  1. ooo, love the first one with the clouds!! thanks for sharing, you have such a cute blog! X