zaterdag 9 februari 2013

Hello people!
I'm going to show you some amazing colour inspiration; get ready to be inspired!

Colours are just about the most important thing in art, and the best way to become inspired is to look at lot's of pictures. Mainly natural pictures really tend to inspire me.
I've recently started experimenting with watercolours, so I'm really looking around for colours.
I've just looked up a bunch of pictures that I think are great inspiration.

Amazing right?
An easy way to make a palette out of these is with sites like these:
You give it an image and the site will generate a colour palette based on the colours that are used most in the picture.
This can be useful a blog template, for example. Or just a reference for your art, so you know how the colour is supposed to look like when you mix it.

I hope you enjoyed, see you all next time!

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