woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Hey peeps,

As you might notice, I have updated my layout (again, yes)
I'm getting back into blogging after my school has settled down a bit.
It is a week until I will have my autumn holidays and after that I will go on holiday with my father.
(A week off from school, that's why I'm busy) 

I'm going to Zambia! I'm really excited. You can expect many pictures. (I'm taking my camera obviously)
If you are interested where I'm going, I have a link for the resorts where I'm going to. 

This will be the route I'm going to take: http://www.africatravelresource.com/trip/146798/
Camp 1 : http://www.africatravelresource.com/africa/zambia/southluangwa/south/bilimungwe-camp/
Camp 2 : http://www.africatravelresource.com/africa/zambia/southluangwa/south/kuyenda-camp/
Camp 3 : http://www.africatravelresource.com/africa/zambia/southluangwa/central/mfuwe-lodge/

I'm so excited! I can't wait.

AND I got Pokemon X yesterday. So. Addicted. Can't. Stop.
Yes I ordered a Nintendo 3DS XL (animal crossing included) pretty much for that and I don't care (I love it) I was planning on buying it anyway.

See you next time!

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