dinsdag 10 juli 2012

New layout + free time!

Hello everyone,
It's me again, it's been ages!

I finished school for this year so I finally have some time for my blog. (yay)
As you may have seen, I changed the layout for my blog.
What do you think? A lot better huh?
I also need to make some new social media buttons, so I will change the one I have now into some free ones found on the internet.

I'm determined to really put my all in this blog.
I'm going to feature some awesome DIY's, make some myself, make some more roundups, do some more polymer clay jewelry, show you some things I love, show you some things that really inspired me and I might even talk about serious stuff.

Do you have any suggestions? Any ideas? Or maybe you just have something fun to say to me.
You are welcome to tell me.

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