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DIY roundup: Notebook

Hello people,

I'm going to show you around in the world of notebooks a little.
You might think, why DIY a notebook? They're not that expensive.
First of  all, if there is a cheaper possibility, I'm in.
Second of all, this is much more fun!
And third of all, plain notebooks are boring, if you have seen the possibilities of a custom made notebook, I guarantee that you'd want to make it! And above all, it's easy!

I have been looking around on the internet (craftgawker for example) and found a bunch of wonderful DIY's about things that have something to do with it, so I thought I would share them with you.

Notebooks come in many forms; The most popular one: the household notebook (a notebook where you keep track of your finances) 
Also there are travel notebooks (little books where you can write down your memories about your holiday)
I like notebooks that you carry around you and write inspiration in when it comes to you.
But you have the freedom to do whatever you want with it!

But first things first: The making of the notebook itself.
Here is a little roundup of notebook DIY's.
Notebooks come in many forms and shapes, these are a couple of them.

Second one by Stars for streetlights
This one is fabulous! I just love the idea of this notebook.

Third one by littlelivingstone 

Next: what to fill your pages with?

Let's start with blank pages but, if you're ready for something more, I have a little roundup of some great printables you could use.
Ahh printables, there are so many out there. 
So many different ones, that is.

First one by simple as that blog
This is a great list of wonderful travel printables.
If you are making a travel journal.

I found a lovely travel journal roundup by Henry happened
5 DIY journals for the world traveler
If you are planning on making a travel journal, be sure to check it out!

Second one by The flourishing abode
This is a great printable for starting bloggers, comes with some wonderful tips too!

Third one by Creme de la craft
This printable is great for a notepad, but can obviously also be used in notebooks.

Look around the internet for some more printables, there are awesome ones out there!
You can also look for stationary, instead of boring blank pages.

And then, how to spice up your boring notebook?

Once you have your notebook, and filled it up with lot's of stationary and printables.
Are you done? No way!
This is where the fun really starts!

First one by designlovefest.
DIY washi tape notebook.

Washi tape? Yes, washi tape, you can buy it on etsy.com for example.
Want a challenge? Make your own washi tape!

This DIY is by nifty thrifty
{DIY washi tape}

Back to the roundup!

The next one is by By Wilma
DIY - How to cover a notebook with fabric.

Another one by Simple as that blog
DIY travel notebook with pocket.
Another little something to put in your notebook and store some precious stuff in it.

A very nice one by warmhotchocolate.
A back-to-school DIY and a few favourites
This chalkboard notebook is wonderful, I would love to make one myself.

A fabric pocket by Créme de la craft.
DIY: Notebook pocket from a button down shirt.
And you get to repurpose that old shirt with the nice pattern, which you just wouldn't want to throw away.

So what do you think?
I'm going to make one myself as soon as I have some new printer ink!
I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you're inspired to make something like this yourself!
I'm always open to advice and tips on how to blog better, so feel free!

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