woensdag 5 december 2012

Hello people,

This is another roundup of DIY's.
I got most of them via pinterest, and I thought that they were amazing and needed to be shared with you!

My motto: Never throw something away before taking a good second look at it.
Okay, I may have a thousand mottos, but this is an important one!

Looking through these DIY's I have found so much inspiration of what to do with old t-shirts

Let's have a look at what I found:

How to make a T-shirt into

--> B e l t s


Looks very nice, I wonder what colours I'll mix..
It looks quite easy!

--> P a n t i e s 

Ooooh, I'd love me some custom made panties!

--> T o p s 


Very nice for summer, I love the back.

Very easy-looking DIY on how to make make tank tops out of old t-shirts.


Ooh this one looks comfortable. Must try!


This would be nice over a bikini in the summer!


I love the style of this top, I've tried making one myself, but it's a little too short (Could always be nice in summer, though) I'm definitely going to make some more!


Nice way to upcycle an old tee to a pretty one-shoulder tank.


This one, I love. It just looks so comfy!
I need to go and find an oversized mens shirt, ASAP!

--> D r e s s e s


This is a very pretty dress, now just to find an extremely long shirt...


This is actually a 3-in-1 DIY: A dress, a headband and a necklace.
All from one shirt! Now that's what I call upcycling a shirt.

--> R o m p e r s 


Oooh, quite sexy. I love the lace.

--> B a b y   b i b s

Cute! Now I don't have a baby, but later I would love to make some of these!
Could be a nice baby-shower gift too!

--> N e c k l a c e s


This concept is very nice, but I'd make it into a bracelet or a headband.

--> Q u i l t s 


Yes! Perfect if you have lot's of old college t-shirts or other t-shirts with a nice logo on them.

I hope you liked my choice of DIY's and that they have been able to inspire you to make some of your own.

Let me hear from you if you have anything to say.
I hope to see you soon in my next blog.

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